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About Me

Hello there!

My name is Alison and you can pretty much find me outdoors, hiking every week. I love to share my tips on where to hike to friends, and when I was consistently getting asked on social media-I decided to create this blog for a one stop shop! 


A little about my personal life, I work for a health food company full time during the week. I have been with the company for many years because I love the people I work with and food. With that, I love to share my suggestions on where to eat and drink, when I do recommend hikes. 

I live in the Denver area, so my hiking suggestions are usually in Colorado but also include many hikes in National Parks. Each blog posting will include a specific hike, 14er, or National Park. I am currently in the process of completing all of the Colorado 14ers and only have five more to go! I plan on climbing those next summer and will share my journey here as well.

Thank you for following and I hope you enjoy!

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